WWJD | Skin in the Game

I was raised with deep United Methodist and Pentecostal influences. As an adult, I have participated in several religious environments, asking lots of questions and been very observant. Theology is a funky combination of our philosophical, psychological, ideological, metaphysical, social, “racial,” self-protective, others awareness/lack thereof, need for community thoughts and feelings wrapped up inside of some sacred context of our choice that validates our existence.

I grew up when WWJD became the evangelical buzz phrase along with The Prayer of Jabez ~ cups, t-shirts, etc. There is nothing wrong with all of that. It is what it is. Then I went to seminary and learned the various spaces all these “ies” and “ologies” came from. I held to the belief that my experience of the sacred is still precious, and so is everyone else’s, and that I need to consider how my process of becoming a spiritual leader can affect people ~ not some, not my favorites, not those I’m most comfortable with, not the ones I prefer to not engage ever again. People.

I don’t know who you are impacting through your work, your family, your social media, your service, etc. I just know this… the light within you doesn’t have to be forced to shine. It ought to be “let” to shine.

May your theology and all it actually represents deeply and richly inform your praxis in such a way that you do the righteous thing that is rooted in love, not fear, as much as it is required of you. May the truth of the circumstance burn from your SOUL through your mind so that you will BE the truth. I can’t get away from this man below… He has real “skin in the game” on EVERY level.

The question is not “WWJD?” That’s a distraction from living truth. Some of us call that “deflection.” You need to co-create what YOU will do going forward. That’s where the work is. That’s sacred space. 🙏🏽♥️

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