It can be a struggle for some of us to produce writings that transcend theory and get into the nitty gritty of our human experience.  Taking others’ ideas and deconstructing their thought processes, asking relevant questions, and giving opinions is easy.  We do that on social media all the time!  However, those things that puuuush their way through my much more desirable thoughts and bring me into prayer and meditation, that speak to me in a manner that one writer describes as deep calling unto deep really require a different kind of focus because they bare a different message.

Parker Palmer is one prolific writer who calls to mind ways of becoming through belonging, which can only happen through engagement in community, thus developing a group identity.  Shared vulnerabilities and shared frustrations with those portions of ourselves which are less than stellar provide fodder for reflection, deconstruction and reconstruction.  It gives us freedom to connect with and constantly come back to our own crooked places with delicious grace, knowing that as long as we still live, there are ways we can learn to show up differently in the world, ways that are beneficial for us and others.  This space is about that ~